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New tattoos require care and attention. Sue’s for Tattoos is a safe and effective product for the healing of new tattoos. Made with organically grown healing plants and 100% natural ingredients, Sue’s Salves is the natural choice for the after care of tattoos. ***Learn More***

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Sue’s for Tattoos is a plant-based healing salve which contains no petroleum products, no lanolin to clog up pores, and no artificial coloring. The color of the salve is derived from the comfrey plant, a powerful remedy for topical skin treatment. Using Sue’s for Tattoos for new tattoos will provide rapid and safe healing of your artwork.

Apply Sue’s for Tattoos sparingly and frequently for the first weeks of after care on new tattoos.

Follow any instructions provided by your tattoo artist for additional care.

Organically grown comfrey, lavender, aloe vera and calendula are the basis for Sue’s for Tatoos. These herbs allow healing to take place safely, rapidly and naturally.

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    Susanne Hannan

    As a Tattoo artist I want the best results for my clients. I choose to use the safest, most natural product I can find. Sue’s for Tattoos is the only product available that is organic and completely plant based. Sue’s for Tattoos isn’t sticky or smelly-it smells like lavender! No haloing. Not goopy. Not sticky. It Doesn’t glob on. Doesn’t lift and fade color. It rubs in easily. It’s portable, potent and a little goes a long . Sue’s for Tattoos is the only product I want my clients using. I always include a tin into the cost of the tattoo to insure they use nothing else!

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