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Planting by the Moon

The Calendar

Lunar gardening determines the ideal time for all gardening and farming activities based on the sign and phase of the moon. There are ideal times for planting annuals, planting root crops, perennials, trees and shrubs, grafting, pruning, harvesting, cutting wood for firewood, starting and ending projects, mowing for decreased growth and transplanting. There are ideal times for plowing, starting compost, fertilizing and of course even resting. We even offer the ideal times for brewing beer and wine. Our calendar offers the most comprehensive day to day planning guide available for 365 days a year! We celebrate the Pagan Holidays. The Planting by the Moon calendar is an essential tool for biodynamic gardeners and anyone interested in connecting the earth and the cosmos to work in balance for the highest good. We are the hands of the Mother Earth connected to the heart of the cosmos where all energy is generated from.


Agricultural astrology was probably the first use humans made of lunar cycles. Evidence of its practice dates back thousands of years to the ancient peoples of the Nile and Euphrates River valleys.

Today our purposeful participation in these natural rhythms enables us to be a force for good, for our plants which are our food and our medicine. Gardening and farming in harmony with the cycles of the moon puts us in touch with the natural energies of the cosmos which influence all life activity. It blends the cosmic and the practical, the heavens and the earth, enabling us to connect what is above with what is below. This enables us to be a force for good, working in a balanced way. A major part of gardening bio- dynamically is organizing plantings according to the position of the moon as it travels through the 12 zodiac constellations.

LUNAR TIME: The moon travels around the earth every 28-29 days staying in each sign for approx. 2.5 days.

In going around the earth she passes in front of the 12 constellations, collecting energy from the stars in those constellations and focusing it on the earth. The Moon acts like a lens in focusing energy onto earth. Each constellation or SIGN will determine the best gardening activities to do on those days. In addition we focus on the appropriate phase of the moon to choose specific activities.

This “Planting and Living by the Moon” calendar provides a day to day guide for choosing the best days for specific activities based on the sign and the phase of the moon. We relate this to gardening and many other significant events related to living close to the earth, building projects, and brewing, canning and freezing dates, when to get a haircut, start a detox diet, gather with friends and family and so much more. Nowhere else will you find such an easy to follow, detailed calendar helping you to organize your busy life well in advance.

I believe we are part of the age of “Ag-Reculture” meaning that we must renew our culture with ancient wisdom to survive in the present. Lunar agriculture goes back to the beginning days of agriculture when people observed the moon cycles and planned their plantings (and life activities) accordingly.

Planting by the Moon honors the spiritual in the human being with the spiritual in the universe

Using plants for healing honors both.

We are all part of the spiritual universe when we grow plants for food and medicine. This calendar will easily guide you through the year, offering ideal times for all of your gardening plans.

Love by the Sun. Live by the Moon!