Sue’s Salves is distinctive in that it is crafted with freshly harvested, 100% organically grown plants, grown on site in Central Pennsylvania and crafted into salves within moments of the harvest.

COMFREY – the root and leaf are both used for maximum healing gained from this wonderful plant. Comfrey’s medical name, Symphytum, comes from the Greek sympho, meaning to unite which describes its action in knitting bones.

CALENDULA – the golden petals of calendula aids in the soothing of inflamed tissues, cracked skin and as an antiseptic. An herb of the Sun, calendula is a potent healing remedy for wounds, eczema, boils and acne.

ALOE VERA – for thousands of years known to treat wounds, burns, scalds, scrapes and sunburn. Aloe is widely used in skin creams and skin care products, and is legendary for its use on burns. The fresh gel from the aloe plant helps promote wound healing and helps prevent infection.

LAVENDER – known as an herb of Mercury, lavender is renowned for its treatment of nervous disorders. The powerfully soothing scent of lavender calms and restores the nervous system. In salve it is used for its antiseptic properties and is used externally on infections, insect bites and most notably on burns.


OLIVE OIL – the vitamin E in olive oil is an anti oxidant. Olive oil has been known for thousands of years as a beneficial oil, both as a protector for the body’s digestive tract, it’s important role in a healthy diet, and as a wound healer. Today it is prized as a moisturizer and a skin remedy. Sue’s Salve uses only olive oil as its base.

BEESWAX mountain grown beeswax from Hyner Mountain in Northcentral Pennsylvania . The bees are feeding on the flowers of fruit trees, maple trees, tulip popular, basewood, and asters.

TEA TREE OIL – has effective antifungal, antiviral and antibiotic properties and is used to combat infections, bites, acne, smelly feet and itching. Sue uses 100% organic tea tree oil in her tea tree salve.