An Intimate Herbal Retreat June 21-23 2019

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Make your own medicine! Join me for a weekend of herbal medicine making where you will¬†learn to craft botanical remedies from organic herbs grown in my magical garden. I will teach about the benefits of growing medicinal herbs, crafting herbal medicine and the ways you can enhance your life, your health and your spiritual awareness through medicinal herbalism. All homemade meals are included as well as 2 nights stay in the beautiful Pennsylvania Wilds. We are nestled along the Bald Eagle Creek where you will feel relaxed, comforted and at home, nurtured by Sue who will make you feel like you never want to leave the calming environment of her home and garden. You will leave here with a basket full of fresh tea, tincture, syrup and salve, returning home with a medicine chest full of nature’s wonders and a sense of self empowerment to grow your own medicine!

Relax, rejuvenate and retreat!
Space is limited so please reserve your space soon by calling 570-726-3028 or

One Comment on ““An Intimate Herbal Retreat June 21-23 2019”

  1. Katie Burtis

    I attended this retreat a couple of weeks ago and I still am somewhat reeling from how changed I feel for having gone. I’ve previously explored herbalism from a culinary/cocktail perspective, am a bit of an astrologer, and have gardened as a teenager. You can read Culpeper et al 101 times, but it doesn’t mean so much until you get your hands in the dirt, see the plants doing their thing, learn about their needs, then harvest them direct and make various preparations.

    Thank you for all your kind hospitality, education, delicious food, serene environment, validation and inspiration, Sue. For a long while I’ve needed to pop my head up from the rat race I’ve been living. This respite will stick with me a good long while as I work to build a little piece of wholeness and health like this for myself.

    P.S. The tulsi, comfrey and aloe are all thriving, and the salve is making a very noticeable improvement on my skin! Thank you again!

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