Botanical Perfume


“Scentsations”-Scents of Self
Sue combines aromatherapy and astrology to create a unique roll on botanical perfume based on your birth chart.
An Inspirational approach to perfumery combining Sue’s knowledge of astrology and aromatherapy.
“Scentsations” is Sue’s original creation!
Let Sue put your chart up and bring it to life through scent.
You will create a perfume as unique to you as your birth chart is.
Necklace infusers are also available in 4 beautiful styles.

Gift yourself or a loved one a personal consultation with Sue and create something
you just won’t find anywhere else!
Contact Sue to book a perfume party.



Personalized botanical perfumes based on your
astrological birth chart!
Create the Scent of your Soul.
Sue Morris will guide you to create the scent of your soul, a personalized botanical perfume she calls Scentsations, Scents of Self. Everyone has a unique personality and your personal blend will be unlike any other, with oils that will open your heart and invite deep joy. Combining astrology and aromatherapy Sue will guide you to create your own personalized scent using pure therapeutic grade essential oils reflecting the scent of your birth chart. This is Sue’s unique product. Her 40 years of experience as an astrologer and aromatherapy enthusiast makes her a gifted guide to creating a blend just for you!
Book a perfume party! It’s a great way to share a day with friends, getting to know each other and smelling them for who they really are!!


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