March 23-25 2018 Astrology for Beginners Retreat


Decoding the Language of the Stars:
The Signs, The Planets, The Houses
New to Astrology? Immerse yourself in this cosmic introduction to the eloquent language of the stars…..also star gazing, a moon ritual around the bonfire, aiming to create a new awareness.

Our birth chart is a map of who we are and where we are going. It is our cosmic code.
Begin your personal journey to self-awareness by studying the language of Astrology.

“The ultimate goal of studying astrology is to come into conscious relationship with ourselves and others, and ultimately with the universe itself.”

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                                     Astrology for Beginners Retreat
This intimate retreat will focus on the basics of natal astrology. The birth chart is a tool for self-awareness. Enhance your perspective on your psychological make-up with the language of the stars.

Join us for an extraordinary weekend where you can retreat from the hectic world and delve in to the language of the cosmos. Sue will immerse you in the language of astrology while nurturing you in a peaceful environment, feeding your soul on many levels. Astrology guides us to an awareness of self and others, and as a language gives us a new way to navigate through the complexities of what makes us who we are. We will learn the basics of natal astrology, signs, planets and houses in order to make sense of our birth chart.

Included: 2 nights stay, 5 delicious, nourishing meals, 2 full days of immersion into the language of astrology.

Space is limited. This is an intimate, relaxed getaway vacation to feed both your mind and your spirit.

We are located in The Pennsylvania Wilds, nestled along the beautiful Bald Eagle Creek in north central Pennsylvania.



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