May 19th-21st 2017Astrology for Beginners Retreat


Decoding the Language of the Stars:
The Signs, The Planets, The Houses
New to Astrology? Immerse yourself in this cosmic introduction to the eloquent language of the stars…..also star gazing, a moon ritual around the bonfire, aiming to create a new awareness.

Our birth chart is a map of who we are and where we are going. It is our cosmic code.
Begin your personal journey to self-awareness by studying the language of Astrology.

“The ultimate goal of studying astrology is to come into conscious relationship with ourselves and others, and ultimately with the universe itself.”

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                                                                             Astrology for Beginners Retreat
This intimate retreat will focus on the basics of natal astrology. The birth chart is a tool for self-awareness. Enhance your perspective on your psychological make-up with the language of the stars.

Included: 2 nights stay, 5 delicious farm to table meals, 2 full days of astrology classes and a free birth chart is included.

Space is limited. This is an intimate relaxed setting for learning. Tour Sue’s magical herb garden.
There will be time for leisure including  kayaking, swinging in the hammock, visiting an Amish farm,
a walk along the  the Susquehanna river or simply rest time on the porch drinking tea.



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