Aromatherapy and Botanical Perfumes at The Common Good Eagles Mere PA

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On Friday August 4, 2017 at 10 am at The Common Good in Eagle’s Mere PA Sue J Morris, owner and founder of Sue’s Salves will be presenting an inspiring talk entitled “Aromatherapy, the art of enhancing health through the use of essential oils”. Sue will guide us to become more aware of the benefits of using essential oils for health concerns such as pain relief, muscle tension, the respiratory system, memory issues and more. The fragrances of essential oils powerfully enhance positive mental and emotional states, and increase our ability to stay healthy. They can easily be incorporated into our life for prevention and treatment of many common ailments. This talk will also give many wonderful tips for using essential oils in the home. Recipes for making safe and natural cleaning products will be given. Essential oils help us to use more environmentally safe products and live in a home with fewer toxic chemicals.

Following this presentation Sue will be offering a one on one opportunity to create your own personalized botanical perfume based on your birthday. Each person will be guided through the process of blending your own signature scent using essential oils. Scents of Self, Personalized Botanical Perfume is Sue’s newest offering and she is very excited to be offering this opportunity at The Common Good.

You can schedule a perfume appointment by calling The Common Good at 540-220-4581. Sue will be taking appointments from noon-4pm

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